Is your aquarium glass clouded with algae?


Are you tired of long, messy cleanings?  Forget reaching down into the water to scrub and scrap. The Aqua Razor makes cleaning your aquarium fast and easy. Simply place the cleaning side of the Aqua Razor against the glass on the inside of the tank and align the handle side on the outside of the tank. Move the handle back and forth. Magnetic force keeps the cleaning side tight against the glass, stripping away even the toughest algae buildup.

Easier, simpler cleaning, no messes, and better results. This is what makes the Aqua Razor the most innovative and powerful utility tool for aquarium maintenance. Our patented suction cup design and surgical-grade scraping blades may have something to do with it, too.

Get the Aqua Razor today! And say goodbye to aquarium algae.


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The Aqua Razor removes green film and coralline algae quickly and effortlessly through magnetic pressure. No harsh scrubbing or water removal is required.

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